Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades

Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades

  • Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades
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Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades

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3/4 Inch Single Cell Blackout Collection
Beechwood (F7955)
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Fresh Toffee (F27645)
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Pristine Beach (F17620)
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Star Magnolia (F17951)
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Warm Cocoa (F17698)
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White Azalea (F7952)
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Because monitor colors vary dramatically, please order free samples if exact color is important to you.


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Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades- Radio frequency is a fantastic product for day sleepers and media rooms. Owners simply need to click the remote to operate the opening and closing mechanism. The blackout motorized shades use 8 Lithium AA batteries and the remote can be operated over 45 feet away from the shades. If you do not want to change batteries constantly, use the optional power adapter. The opening/closing mechanism is run by a 2 amp motor that can be powered through the 110 volt adapter. The 3/4 - 3/8 inch cells are perfect for covering large windows and preventing any light from filtering through when closed. Although it has a shutter-like design, there are no holes for light to enter, hence the term “blackout”. There are numerous colors available, depending on the size you choose. The ¾ inch is available in white azalea, shady blue, rose trellis, persimmon, dogwood, deep navy, Bordeaux, bluegrass, and beechwood. For the 3/8 inch, users can choose from white azalea, organic, homespun, golden ember, dogwood, bonsai, and beechwood. Like all products offered by Shades Shutters Blinds, customers can pre-order color samples for testing.