Levolor Roman Shades

Levolor Roman Shades

  • Levolor Roman Shades
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Levolor Roman Shades

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Roman Shades Collection
Classic Scroll Black (88204)
Classic Scroll Dijon (88270)
Classic Scroll Frost (88205)
Classic Scroll Merlot (88206)
Classic Scroll Navy (88208)
Classic Scroll Snow (88261)
Classic Scroll Taupe (88209)
Classic Stripe Espresso (33300)
Classic Stripe Light Olive (33304)
Classic Stripe Marine (33301)
Classic Stripe Mocha (33303)
Classic Stripe Port (33302)
Classic Stripe Twilight (33305)
Designer Textures Aqua (70336)
Designer Textures Black (70847)
Designer Textures Candlelight (70204)
Designer Textures Cayanne (70342)
Designer Textures Champagne (70330)
Designer Textures Chili Spice (70243)
Designer Textures Cream (70202)
Designer Textures Espresso (70804)
Designer Textures Fresh Green (70333)
Designer Textures Graphite (70345)
Designer Textures Light Gray (70343)
Designer Textures Marine (70337)
Designer Textures Merlot (70245)
Designer Textures Mink (70209)
Designer Textures Mocha (70272)
Designer Textures Navy (70234)
Designer Textures Raffia (70331)
Designer Textures Sand (70247)
Designer Textures Sangria (70801)
Designer Textures Toffee (70216)
Designer Textures Wheat (70332)
Designer Textures Whisper (70200)
Dupioni Aqua (31653)
Dupioni Champagne (31655)
Dupioni Cream (31650)
Dupioni Dijon (31652)
Dupioni Light Olive (31654)
Dupioni Mocha (31656)
Dupioni Sand (31651)
Linen Cayanne (31627)
Linen Champagne (31626)
Linen Coffee Bean (31623)
Linen Fresh Green (31622)
Linen Graphite (31621)
Linen Light Gray (31620)
Linen Marine (31625)
Linen Raffia (31607)
Linen Sage (31619)
Linen Slate (31615)
Linen Sterling (31618)
Linen Toffee (31608)
Modern Scroll Chili Spice (31771)
Modern Scroll Everglade (31773)
Modern Scroll Mink (31705)
Modern Scroll Sand (31714)
Modern Scroll Slate (31715)
Modern Scroll Toffee (31708)
Modern Scroll Whisper (31701)
Satin Stripe Dijon (33313)
Satin Stripe Espresso (33315)
Satin Stripe Mink (33314)
Satin Stripe Navy (33316)
Satin Stripe Slate (33312)
Seclusions Biscuit (35024)
Seclusions Champagne (35026)
Seclusions Dijon (41123)
Seclusions Espresso (35029)
Seclusions Graphite (35028)
Seclusions Light Gray (35027)
Seclusions Mocha (35025)
Seclusions Sage (35030)
Seclusions Sterling (35035)
Seclusions White (35021)
Spring Leaf Off White (32261)
Spring Leaf Birch (32240)
Spring Leaf Eggshell (32235)
Spring Leaf Mist (32250)
Spring Leaf Parchment (3223)
Spring Leaf Parchment (32230)
Spring Leaf Seaglass (32245)
Tailored Stripe Smoke (33319)
Taylored Stripe Antique Blue (33318)
Taylored Stripe Java (33323)
Taylored Stripe Mushroom (33320)
Taylored Stripe Olive (33321)
Tea Leaf Burlap (70170)
Tea Leaf Flagstone (70174)
Tea Leaf Java (70172)
Tea Leaf Latte (70173)
Tea Leaf Nugget (70171)
Tea Leaf Pewter (70175)

Because monitor colors vary dramatically, please order free samples if exact color is important to you.

Shades Shutters Blinds has some of the highest quality, most affordable Roman Shades. There are two different styles to choose from: the standard, flat fold and the hobbled, tear drop fold. The standard, flat fold features a more casual appearance, while the hobbled, tear drop fold provide a more formal look and are slightly more energy efficient. Levolor Roman Shades feature some of the most unique color and pattern varieties of our Roman Shade collection.


  • Unique Levolor colors and patterns to select from
  • Levolor Name Brand Value
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Child Safe


  • Continuous cord loop or cordless for ease of use and increased safety
  • Top down bottom up option for privacy with a view
  • Available with inside or outside mount
  • Additional options available (See Options Tab)

Options Available for Levolor Roman Shades

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