Measure it Right

Are you thinking you might make a mistake measuring? Have peace of mind with our measure insurance

Our Measurement Insurance fits the bill!

For just a little additional, you are completely covered for any measuring mistakes!

Frequently Asked Question’s

  1. What's Covered?
    Mis-measurements caused by the purchaser for individual products where insurance is purchased. We will cover any mistakes made measuring for your new blinds. This covers inside/outside mount, width and height mistakes.
  2. What is not covered?
    Color mistakes and ordering the wrong product. This insurance covers mis-measurements.
  3. Can I change the color of the shade, since you're making a new one?
    All insurance claims must be for identical products and colors.
  4. Can I get a different style or operation option on the new blind?
    All insurance claims must be for same options originally ordered.
  5. How does this work?
    In most cases, just send the blind back. That's it. We will make a new one at the correct size with no additional charges up to 5% over original purchase price.
  6. How long is the insurance for?
    90 days after delivery.
  7. Is there any restrictions?
    Insurance must be purchased at the same time as your blinds(s). The insurance is restricted only to the blind(s) for which the insurance was purchased. It is required you ship the mis-measured blind(s) back to Shades Shutters Blinds and you are responsible for the shipping cost. Remakes will not be made until mis-measured blind(s) have been returned. Shipping an insured blind to you is free of charge unless it is 94" or wider. Normal fees would apply if the insured blind is oversized. We have the right to use parts of your old blind if necessary. All insurance claims are honored at Shades Shutters Blinds discretion.

Of course we will be glad to work with you on these restrictions. So please be sure to call 800-789-8583.