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How to Make a Template by Shades Shutters Blinds

All non perfect arches have to be made with a template. A non perfect arch is where the height does not equal half the width. For example, if the bottom part of the opening (the width) is 36" and you measure up from the middle to get the height and it is NOT 18" then your arch is not perfect and a template will be required.

We will reject all non-perfect arches without a template. If you have multiple windows, we will need a template of each one. You cannot use the same template for multiple windows. This does take longer but saves on headaches. There are no exceptions.

  1. Tape butcher paper over the window opening, allowing plenty of overlap.
  2. Draw an exact outline of the window opening by carefully tracing over the inside edge of the window frame.
  3. Remove the paper from the window opening. If the shade is an outside mount, add the desired amount of overlap to the window outline and draw a second outline around it to match the shape of the finished shade.
  4. Mark the shade dimensions on the template. Check that the template dimensions match your measurements of the actual window opening. It is easiest to verify by cutting out the template and repositioning in the window opening.
  5. On the front of the template, write your name, our order number and "this side facing room" so we will know which way it will go.
  6. Mail template, a copy of your order with everything you want on it and send to our address.
  7. Please note: there is a $35 charge for template orders.

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template image

template image