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Comfortex Slumber Roller Shades

  • Comfortex Slumber Roller Shades
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Comfortex Slumber Roller Shades

Customer reviews: 5.0/5
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Classics 1100 Collection
Bisque BO (1111_0809 BO)

Black Night BO (1111_0858 BO)

Butter Cream BO (1111_0798 BO)

Caramel Latte BO (1111_0181 BO)

Chestnut BO (1111_0258 BO)

Cinnamon Stick BO (1111_0162 BO)

Cocoa Powder BO (1111_0819 BO)

Crimson BO (1111_0041 BO)

Forest Pine BO (1111_0456 BO)

Forged Bronze BO (1111_0255 BO)

Ginger Root BO (1111_0178 BO)

Golden Glow BO (1111_0237 BO)

Harvest BO (1111_0144 BO)

Ivory BO (1111_0807 BO)

Jade BO (1111_0320 BO)

London Fog BO (1111_0613 BO)

Maple BO (1111_0817 BO)

Muscat BO (1111_0122 BO)

Notable Navy BO (1111_0666 BO)

Old Fashioned Vanilla BO (1111_0806 BO)

Orange Spice BO (1111_0143 BO)

Pewter BO (1111_0851 BO)

Pine Nut BO (1111_0810 BO)

Pumpkin Pie BO (1111_0155 BO)

Pure White BO (1111_0793 BO)

Redwood BO (1111_0838 BO)

Shiraz BO (1111_0094 BO)

Silver Mist BO (1111_0843 BO)

Snickerdoodle BO (1111_0199 BO)

Vanilla Bean BO (1111_0176 BO)

Velvet Taupe BO (1111_0157 BO)

Wheat Fields BO (1111_0308 BO)

Island Brights 1100 Collection
Bahama Sky BO (1111_0516 BO)

Coral BO (1111_0105 BO)

Eggplant BO (1111_0690 BO)

Jubilant Berry BO (1111_0741 BO)

Lemon Chiffon BO (1111_0194 BO)

Lush Green BO (1111_0437 BO)

Mango BO (1111_0150 BO)

Palm Frond BO (1111_0294 BO)

Pink Lightning BO (1111_0006 BO)

Tropical Sea BO (1111_0568 BO)


Because monitor colors vary dramatically, please order free samples if exact color is important to you.

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Gary B.  - Hudsonville, MI (6/14/2013)

"Great blackout shade for home theater. \nEasy to install and does it well as advertised."

Rating: 5/5

How to Install

More information about Comfortex Slumber Roller Shades

Nothing keeps the light out as effectively as Ultimate Blackout Roller Shades. Inside-mounted, they fit snugly in all sizes of windows for a perfect fit every time. There are certain types of people and certain types of living spaces that benefit from these stylish and functional light-blockers

Firstly, they are a practical solution for people who prefer a nocturnal schedule such as artists, writers, and night-shift employees. They keep the light out during the day, thereby making disturbance-free daytime sleep more possible. They are also an excellent solution for media rooms (keeping glare off screens), dark rooms, food and wine storage spaces (preserving light-sensitive foods), and if excessive heat is a problem in windowed attics, they are an ideal choice for light (and heat) blocking.

Ultimate Blackout Roller Shades, however useful, extend beyond the practical aspects and embrace design possibilities with a full spectrum of colors to choose from. Homeowners and business owners can match walls or employ white for an illusion of light, or opt for black to darken the effect to the extreme. Furthermore, when a look of clean simplicity is desired, there is no better option than a tight-fitting, flat-planed window treatment: modern, practical, and simply perfect for many design styles, and for many occasions.