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Cordless Sunscreens

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  • 77 COLORS

Vision 650 Openness 3% Collection
Linen (SC994)

White (SC996)

White Linen (SC992)

White Pearl (SC998)

Vision 597 Openness 7% Collection
Ebony (SC986)

Linen (SC982)

Linen Sand (SC983)

Tobacco (SC985)

White (SC980)

White Linen (SC981)

White Pearl (SC984)

Vision 550 Openness 5% Collection
Ash (SC960)

Bronze (SC953)

Ebony (SC954)

Linen (SC955)

Navy (SC963)

Orange (SC967)

Pearl (SC962)

Pearl Gray (SC961)

Pearl Linen (SC957)

Pearl Sand (SC958)

Pistachio (SC964)

Sand (SC956)

Tobacco (SC959)

White (SC950)

White Linen (SC951)

White Pearl (SC952)

Yellow (SC966)

Vision 351 Comfort Openness 1% Collection
Bronze (SC945)

Ebony (SC946)

Linen (SC943)

White (SC941)

White Linen (SC942)

White Pearl (SC944)

Vision 350 Openness 10% Collection
Bronze (SC928)

Bronze Gray (SC920)

Ebony (SC924)

Linen (SC914)

Orange (SC932)

Pearl Linen (SC926)

Pearl Sand (SC916)

Sand (SC922)

White (SC910)

White Linen (SC912)

White Pearl (SC918)

Yellow (SC930)

Vision 320 Openness 20% Collection
Ebony (SC904)

Ivory White (SC905)

Linen (SC906)

White (SC901)

White Gray (SC903)

White Linen (SC902)

Vision 314 Openness 14% Collection
Apple (SC895)

Bronze (SC889)

Ebony (SC890)

Linen (SC897)

Off White (SC886)

Orange (SC892)

Parchment (SC887)

Pistachio (SC894)

Sand (SC898)

Toast (SC888)

Turquoise (SC896)

Yellow (SC891)


Because monitor colors vary dramatically, please order free samples if exact color is important to you.

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How to Install

More information about Cordless Sunscreens

Cordless Sunscreens are ideal for smaller window treatments and are even appropriate for doors and other areas in which the shade is easily accessible. They operate easily on a spring loaded system, so they look less bulky and move more smoothly. However, although they allow for some degree of light control, the shades do not provide much privacy control. These shades come in a variety of colors in nine Vision collections. Each collection comes with varying degrees of openness from one to 20 percent. Those who need to see exact colors can order free samples of the shades.

In addition to the samples, one can look at the image gallery to see how the window treatment looks after it has been properly mounted. These shades can fit many window sizes and are appropriate for many rooms including the bedroom, kitchen, dining room and living room. One will also have to decide whether an inside or outside mount is best for his or her shades as well as determine the size he or she needs. After he or she looks at the minimum and maximum lengths and widths for the shades along with the desired colors, one can begin to customize the Cordless Sunscreens.